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    I know it's a long shot BUT I'd hate myself if I didn't at least try, so here it goes: Male Author AND Chicago native Mickey Miller sent a newsletter about 2 weeks ago and he had asked his group, "Want to meet me at a signing? Let me know where I should go by replying to this email with a link to your local signing!" And of course I was like OMFG Yes! And then I thought, why wasn't he at WWITC 2018? So, like the little fangirl that I am, I replied to his newsletter and attached the link to this blogspot. And what do you know, he replied! Gaahhhh! He said, and I quote, "Thanks! I'd love to go to that one...especially as Chicago is my hometown. I've never been able to get the invite though! If you see the organizers, let them know ;)" SQUEEEEEEKKKK! Anywhoozle, back to my long shot plea...if, if and only if there's room for one more author to be invited to WWITC2020, would you maybe extended that invite to Mickey Miller? OR maybe keep him in your radar for the next WWITC 202? event? I think it would be really cool if he was there, not just because he's a Chicago native BUT he's a male romance author, and yeah okay, he's cute too but that's not the point LOL sorry my comment is long and I'm babbling but well I wanted to try. Thank you all for everything you lovely people do to make WWITC happen :)
    Much Love,
    Marianne H.